Now found in pastoral settings, this always bearded and one time urban dweller has taken his talents to the fertile Hudson Valley.  Famed for building Brooklyn’s first gastro-pub, pioneering NYC’s nose-to-tail culinary movement, urban foraging and bringing Malaysian inspired food to the National mainstream, Pelaccio and his wife and partner, Jori Jayne, now have their sights set on combining farming and cooking at their property in Old Chatham, NY and their restaurant, Fish & Game, in Hudson, NY.

Pelaccio is convinced that the Hudson Valley and the town of Hudson in particular is a natural center for New York’s intelligentsia, cultural illuminati and glitterati, a cozy urban oasis framed by farmland.  The perfect setting for his most focused and obsessive project to date, Project 258: Making Dinner at Fish & Game and the perfect subject for his follow up book to the Award winning Eat With Your Hands.