Elegant Solutions to the Challenges of Daily Life


Zak & Jori: Solutions to Difficult Days & the Perplexities of Life

We call our second car “emphysema” as she guzzles gas and chokes out emissions with all the charm one has come to expect from a late 80s model Jeep Grand Wagoneer.   A choice well art directed, but clearly a case of aesthetics and false nostalgia subjugating function and practicality.  Welcome.

I agreed to Jori’s romantic idea of driving Lady Emphysema to Vermont for a day of skiing fully aware that the odds were not in our favor.  To my surprise, she made it up!  And, it was without a thought for her well being that I loaded in the cross country skis and prepared the packs for a day skiing the woods of the Green Mountains.

So, it was no surprise that dreams were crushed as our belching hag slowed to a halt about a mile from where we were staying.  A tow truck and snowy hike later, the day’s ski activities effectively thwarted, we had to adapt, adjust to another day’s difficulties and perplexities.

With survivalist skill, we stripped down to our long johns, smoked some hash, put on Pere Ubu, made bacon & butter sandwiches and settled in to some intense Jenga playing.  Solved.

We’ll get out doors tomorrow.